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we invent the urban place

In a world where cities grow of population you`ll have most encounters in the urban place.
Because of the population growth this place is becoming more and more anonymous, impersonal and more functional.

We are questioning the everyday life, analyzing the circumstances and want to find a playful solution to improve the awareness of life.

We want to reinvent the urban place by bringing back fun and personality.

We invent the urban place.

what we really do

Always looking for new insights, we observe our surroundings with open eyes. Our observations are documented in detail in order to evaluate the results in the laboratory. In this way we can draw objective and thorough conclusions about life in urban areas. This serves as a basis for the development of new practices and concepts.

Based on the findings obtained in research, new ideas and concepts rise. We sketch, built, test and sometimes discard. So the wild constructs are tested thoroughly to achieve the final results, which are characterized by quality and innovation.

We not only originate, we are also masters of representation. We’re going to convince in unusual but effective ways. A good knowledge of techniques and their impact paired with our will to continue to create new things, build a solid base for our work.

We translate the needs of residents into the language of the decision makers. Things depend on the right tone, the correct interpretation of what is said and passing on the information gained. So we mediate between people in urban areas.

A product or a service has its own language and this needs to be translated and communicated, too. Thus, the results of our work always have a statement and a message to be told. In this way certain values and knowledge can be taught like for ex. cohesion and respect, without having to resort to direct instructions.

The urban space is an exciting field where much can still be done and changed for its residents. New ideas arise in the communication, the sharing of knowledge and in conversation with each other. By combining our experience and your knowledge, great may arise.

Who´s behind?


Amelie Künzler

Co-Founder of UI, Head of Product Development

Amelie Künzler is currently studying Master of Arts at the HAWK Hildesheim. Her focus lies mostly in the fields of design and development of products as also in design management.

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Sandro Engel

Founder of UI, Head of Media 

Sandro has achieved his Bachelor degree in Graphic-Design and Digital-Media. In his Master he is now focusing on transmedial projects.

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BLOON interactive


BLOON is a dynamic living space in between 2 houses. Rather an inflatable residential balloon in a gap site. To access, cross over a thrown out and converted phone box on which the balloon is floating. The residents are living inside the semi-transparent balloon on an air cushion – a living space beyond compare.

BLOON interactive

An interactive experience expands this peculiar space which even starts before opening the door. Residents can connect to BLOON WiFi with their smartphone and upload pictures to gain access. After receiving a code to open the combination lock and therefore the door to enter, BLOON can be opened. Personal data serves as currency, according to pay with data principles. In addition, they are part of the overall experience. Since all the pictures of former residents are saved off line and projected onto the ‘skin’ of the residential balloon. You can discover this data universe through a specialized interactive input device. Due to the playful interaction with BLOON’s ‘heart’, residents can move all the captured moments and pictures of former residents through the living space. In this way, they gain an insight into other living environments. The skin becomes a window. This interaction between man and architecture is continuously loading BLOON with emotions and memories of its residents to revive the space.

BlOONinteractive makes digital data of our life concrete. Inside BLOON, the value of personal moments as well as dealing with personal data and its future potential use become tangible.


BLOON is a cooperation between Urban Invention, the department of architecture at Bochum University of Applied Sciences and the department of interaction design by Prof. Stefan Wölwer at the faculty of design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim (HAWK). Based on the architectural idea of the students in Bochum, Urban Invention developed the interactive concept BLOON in cooperation with Florian Schober and Finn Quoos.


Spiel mit dem Scheitern!

SisyFox weckt den Ehrgeiz, motiviert dazu von vorne zu beginnen und mobilisiert. Mit eigener Körperkraft muss ein 1,20m Ball in Bewegung versetzt werden, um SisyFox bei seiner Aufgabe zu helfen: Die berühmte Felskugel auf den Gipfel zu rollen.

SisyFox ist eine interaktive Installation, die für Events gemietet oder für Unternehmen gekauft werden kann.

Mehr Informationen gibt´s auf der Website:



The ActiWait is a new generation of traffic light buttons. Installed at a pedestrian traffic light with long red phases, it offers pedestrians the possibility to convert boring waiting times into positive experiences. Through a touch screen which is installed in the upper shell of the button, people can interact with each other across the street.

Currently the ActiWait is still a prototype. Hildesheim and Oberhausen are the world’s first cities where the ActiWait is installed in a protected environment and put to the acid test. After a successful prototype phase, and the first orders the development of a product that is ready to be produced, will follow.

The ActiWait will transform waiting time to an awesome experience – all over the world!

StreetPong primarily serves the promotion of safety at pedestrian traffic lights. In a playful way pedestrians and cyclists are encouraged to wait until it is safe to cross the street.

StreetPong provides a platform for interaction between people of different religions, generations and backgrounds. Its intuitive operation enables barrier-free communication between (yet) strangers.

To strengthen mobility of pedestrians an cyclists it is all about providing active offers. Here contribute the ActiWait by motivating people to use alternatives to the car.

By providing an attractive offer ActiWait can help to draw the attention of visitors and thus allows routing of a special kind. In addition, critical crossings can be relieved if the ActiWait is mounted in the immediate surrounding.

Due to the high-resolution display, all different kinds of information can be displayed next to the game „StreetPong“. Thus, the ActiWait opens the possibility to show local news, navigation, competitions, rallies, information about the city and a lot more.

The ActiWait as a final product should be supplemented by additional functions. The red period can be visualized on the screen, an ambient light sensor will be implemented in future push-buttons to regulate the brightness of the display and the product can help raise awareness for sight-impaired. In addition, a Wi-Fi connection is planned to help us change information and applications on the ActiWait as quickly as possible.


In order for us to realize our projects we work very closely with partners from the industry. This way we have already gathered an amazing team, which has a stable and reliable anchor in all the depending divisions.

The Langmatz GmbH is a company located in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, they are active in the markets energy, telecommunications and transportation technology. The traffic light button and the specially developed upper shell comes from the company Langmatz. It is an important partner in the development of the upper shell, the merging of technology and in the production of the prototype.

As one of the leading German signal construction companies SWARCO Traffic Systems GmbH is specialized in the planning, design and implementation of intelligent and innovative traffic management systems. They help us install the new puh-buttons and especially develop the prototype for the city of Oberhausen, Germany.


For the realization of our project we have various Supporters. Some companies and institutions are helping us with the technologies, materials and the know-how so we can implement our concept. The collage of Hildesheim has supported and helped us in every way possible from the very beginning.

StreetPong started as a project within the interaction design department at the university. Therefore, the HAWK Hildesheim is an important and reliable Partner for us. To promote and advance the project the HAWK supported us with expertise, contacts and financial resources.

From the beginning, we received a lot of support of the Start-Up-Coach Prof. Dr. Stephanie Rabbe and Prof. Dr. Christoph Kolbeck to develop our idea for a viable business model. They put our concept on solid ground and provided us with advice, assistance and a lot of know- how.

The City of Hildesheim supported us from the beginning. It provides a traffic light for the prototype and the installation of the new push-button.

Since early 2008, city marketing activities for Hildesheim are done by the Hildesheim Marketing GmbH. It supports the Streetpong team in matters of publicity and promotes the project in other cities. In 2013, the team was allowed to speak at the meeting of the BCSD, and got an award for the best speech.

Pengutronix was established in 2001 as one of the first embedded Linux companys in Germany. They provide professional services related to the use of Linux for industrial applications. Under their leadership, the hard- and software for the ActiWait traffic-light-button is developed. Since it’s also located in Hildesheim, the service routes are short and the help is big.

Karo Electronics

Engaged in contract manufacturing of electronic components, the company Ka-Ro electronics GmbH serves the market for components of the SMD, THT and mixed-tipped production. The company supporty us by providing the base boards for the ActiWait.


The story behind URBAN INVENTION started with a simple fascinating idea:
A pedestrian light that lets you play against someone on the other side of the road. A video showing this idea traveled around the world delighting millions of people.

This is how our story started……


The idea of a smart traffic light button emerged in a seminar called „Interactive Media II“ by Prof. Stefan Wölwer at the HAWK Hildesheim. In topic „Urban Interaction“, The task was to search for interfaces between design and art in public spaces. Waiting at a pedestrian traffic light in front of the Academy was the catalyst of the concept. Two traffic light buttons equipped with touch screens and a wireless connection form a platform for interpersonal communication.

The main idea was visualized in 2012 with a small video clip. The situation was deceptively simulated due to a synthesis of animation and real image footage. The push-button itself was made only from cardboard, painted yellow with a green square on it, which was later replaced with a computer animation. Filmed from the actor himself, to camouflage the video as a „review“ in which he can show the traffic light game to the Internet community.



The worldwide response with more than 4 million clicks overwhelmed us. On various video sites, on Facebook, via E-mail and other media an incredible wave of reactions comments and ideas to StreetPong overran us. One half told us that we are crazy, the other half wanted to play right at their next traffic light. From France to China, from Norway to South America, we were contacted by people who wanted to get to the button also in their city.


The short video clip with an absolutely genuine appearing simulation of the game was the beginning of a two-year period  of development. With the help of our partner we did overcome some technical barriers such as the wireless connection or the two push-buttons at the traffic light system. The connection was made especially for the ActiWait the touch screens are tailored and fitted in the case by hand. The new case for the push-button was rebuilt in CAD, got his own design and was specially adapted to all components. In 3D printing and by hand numerous models have been made to find the ideal shape of the lid.

The world premiere of StreetPong was a very exciting moment. After two years of development, the prototype installed and tested at a traffic light for the very first time. The test phase is over now and it was a full success! Now we´re on the way to a product that is internationally marketable and which will change the image of cities all over the world significantly.

The first test phase was observed daily from 07.00h – 18.00h. Pedestirans passing by and users of ActiWait were interviewed. Likewise, video observations were carried out and evaluated afterwards. An external safety assessment by an engineering company is also a part of the statistics. The result has been positive in all areas, particularly the decline in jaywalker from 60 to 11 people per day clearly shows how safety can be approached with in a playful way.

After the first steps in the right direction we want to penetrate further into the urban space with Urban Invention. We want to shine through everyday situations and create with playful approach useful concepts with social values. We have made it our mission to provide the space where most people live today and in the future, special experiences and personality again.

We have made it our task to give the urban place a personality and letting everyone have their own special experience in this space.


The StreetPong project has not only inspired us, the idea was so amazing that we have also won some awards and competitions. For this matter we won the second prize for the Innovate Award, the TZH Founder Prize and we have also received the Annual Multimedia Prize and have achieved the First Place at the Lovie Award in London. 

We can also call ourselves now “Kultur- und Kreatvpiloten Deutschland 2014” a title given by the Federal Government of Germany.

ELEKTRONIK Produkt des Jahres
Kultur und Kreativpiloten Deutschland
Annual Multimedia
The Lovie Awards
Innovate Award Osnabrück
TZH Hildesheim
Zukunftspreis Kommunikation


We have had the honor to participate in some conferences in the past years. Including the “urban IxD” summer school in Croatia, that discussed Interaction-Design in the urban place. In addition we had also been invited to join some events as speakers for example at the “Bundesvereinigung City- und Stadtmarketing Germany”

This Happened
Fuchsbau Festival
Festival der Utopie


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